Nebula X Firmware

Update the firmware to the latest version. Once updated you will be able to change the timer so the device can be used for up to 5 minutes.

For Windows


  • Download and unzip files to a folder.
  • Plug in your Nebula X Vaporizer using the USB to your computer (Ensure battery is in device).
  • Run the UpdateNebula.exe file.
  • When prompted click the NebulaX_V1.04.bin file.
  • When the Nebula updater loads click update.
  • Screen will show success when complete and will show firmware updated.

How to change timer:-

To enter the session timer, while the device is on hold down the “up” and “power” buttons on the bottom of the device for approximately 3 seconds. When the display reads “Timer”, simply press the “up” or “down” buttons to set your timer preferences.