Nebula Fuzion Mouthpiece


Replacement mouthpiece for the Nebula Fuzion


Complete replacement mouthpiece including gauze for the Nebula Fuzion

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Great device but…

This device is great. Is an amazing device when it’s working as it should. I had a month and half of perfect use. This was interrupted by the gauze at the bottom of the chamber letting weed through as it curled it up. This weed it let through got burnt by the heating element and made the vapour taste horrible for quite a few tokes at the beginning of a bowl, (filled chamber). I’ve just reached out and to them and I know they’re a good respectful company so I trust they will send me a new one. Also like to note that when it worked for the first few times without any problems it was an amazing vape, that’s why even though it had a fault, it will still get a 4 stars as the company will always help and provide their services to fix problems!

All good

Thanks for prompt delivery and hassle free purchase. Goodwork Nebula!🫵😉👍

Reuben Yacomeni

Nebula Fuzion Mouthpiece

Paul Pinn
Great Item, Great Price

Nebula Fuzion:
I love the Nebuls Fuzion Dry Herb Vaporiser.
It’s a great improvement on the normal mid priced machines you find as it actually works & works very well.
The only downside I’ve found is that it gets clogged up very quickly and when cleaning the cap can break and the filters need cleaning once a day and replacing once a week (my preference) £3.99 for 5 from the Nebula website.
I ordered a replacement mouthpiece section due to poor flow, caused by the build up of sludge under the filter/Gauze and there was a cracked on the hinge section that no longer gave air good flow.
I ordered a replacement and within 3 days I up and running like new again!
It’s great to be able to purchase the parts you require from a vendor that will keeps the
Nebula Fuzion in top condition for years to come.
Overall - great item, great Price 7/10.

Marcin Walasek

Great fast delivery.