Nebula Fuzion Mouthpiece


Replacement mouthpiece for the Nebula Fuzion

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Complete replacement mouthpiece including gauze for the Nebula Fuzion

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Marcin Walasek

Great fast delivery.

Paul Banfield
Replacement mouthpiece

It's great that you can now get a replacement mouthpiece for the fuzion. It's by far the best vape out there (I've tried many)

beth Mitchell
So close to being perfect

I got the nebula fuzion vape back in April and fell in love with it immediately
Unfortunately just as the Amazon warranty period ended I noticed it wasn't drawing the same, then upon investigation found the mouthpiece has actually cracked along the swivel joint area.
Other than the occasional over heating and some paint coming off the mouthpiece connection area it's the only real problem I'd had with the vape, and the warranty had ended on Amazon so I chose to replace only the mouthpiece instead.
At first this solved the draw issue and I was happy again, then disaster has struck and the mouthpiece for whatever reason is suddenly struggling to hold the top gauze screen in place (the filter into the mouthpiece) so it drops consistently out of the grip in place.
Other than the occasional issue this has been the perfect vape so the mouthpiece unpredictability has definitely taken away from the overall experience, whilst I love the design of the mouthpiece and think it's definitely the right step forward I do find myself wondering how best to navigate around these inconveniences that keep rendering it unusable, and questioning whether to order another replacement mouthpiece or find some weird DIY alternative to keep the screen in place.
Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know

cody chapman
mouthpiece replacement

Brought a few mouthpiece replacements for my nebula fuzion for when im cleaning my current one. Fast delivery, perfect product. many thanks!

Darren Marsh

Great device. Highly recommended