Nebula Fuzion


We have designed the Fuzion to be pocket sized and powerful. Boasting an LCD screen, sleek design and simple USB charging for you to enjoy anytime.

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The Nebula Fuzion has been designed to be discreet and give you complete temperature control. Get the best experience with your herbs and flowers.


Key Features:-

  • Digital Screen – With the digital display you can start at 100°C and go all the way up to 230°C. Vaporize it all the way up.
  • Fast Heat Up – Just 30 seconds and you are ready to go whichever temperature you set it to.
  • Simple Operation – The mouthpiece fits magnetically, 5 quick presses of the power button to turn on, set the temperature and hold the power button down…. Time to enjoy!
  • USB Charging – Up to 10 sessions per charge and can easily be plugged in and charged anywhere via USB.


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Customer Reviews

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Nebula Fuzion

Great vape, easy to use, decent battery life and overall a good design. I'd say it's the best vape in it's price range. I'm very happy with it.

Outstanding Product.

Amazing little vape.

- Fast to heat
- Perfect single session bowl size
- Uses material efficently and draws out everything
- Compact and discreed, looks like a normal vape box without a tank, or a large lighter.
- Easy to clean, just 1 mouth piece that seperates into 4 bits to submerge in ISO
- Affordable!
- Acceptable Battery

- Gets gunked up fast and the mouthpiece then doesn't stay folded out without holding it in place.
- No replacement mouthpeices available.
- No extra gages or gaurds provided

Pocket Power

Love that this discreet little thing packs a punch on par with a Mighty.
Screen as well! love it!