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We have designed the Fuzion to be pocket sized and powerful. Boasting an LCD screen, sleek design and simple USB charging for you to enjoy anytime.

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The Nebula Fuzion has been designed to be discreet and give you complete temperature control. Get the best experience with your herbs and flowers.

When you buy any vape today, you Get a FREE manual vaporizer worth £39.99 included in your order.

Key Features:-

  • Digital Screen – With the digital display you can start at 100°C and go all the way up to 230°C. Vaporize it all the way up.
  • Fast Heat Up – Just 30 seconds and you are ready to go whichever temperature you set it to.
  • Simple Operation – The mouthpiece fits magnetically, 5 quick presses of the power button to turn on, set the temperature and hold the power button down…. Time to enjoy!
  • USB Charging – Up to 10 sessions per charge and can easily be plugged in and charged anywhere via USB.
  • (Discreet Packaging)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nishant Goyal
Good overall but some flaws

Great product and now I’ve figured out how to increase timer it’s even greater. However the mouth piece gets very very sticky which doesn’t happen on other vapes. Also battery life could be better

Paul R
Doubtful longevity, lacking in features and accessories

I've previously owned two Nebula X vapes and both failed in less than two years, so I bought the Fuzion in the hope that it will last longer. However, this vape comes with a lot less features and accessories, eg: it doesn't have a replaceable battery, ceramic heating chamber or the adjustable air flow feature and it doesn't come with a spare mouth piece, filter screens or the grinder with the direct to vape filling feature (all of which were included with the X for just £5 more) So only time will tell if longevity will offset the lack of features and accessories. NB: Instead of the aforementioned, useful accessories it came with a free manual vape which (IMO) doesn't look or feel like it's worth the claimed price and seems a bit pointless anyway.

George Dyer
Super happy :)

Super quick delivery, amazing product, great freebie too :D

Wendy Rafferty Palhaco
Perfect for pain management puffs

I have terminal colon cancer and find sleeping so difficult. If I smoke a J the tobacco stimulates me. So this is a god send. Small, handy and powerful.

Trevor gray
Great little vape

This will be my second Fuzion and I cant fault except for the screen is hard to read when outside when bright. its robust, will take a few drops, heats up quickly, easy to clean and fits in my pocket nicely. I love my little vape