Nebula Fuzion


We have designed the Fuzion to be pocket sized and powerful. Boasting an LCD screen, sleek design and simple USB charging for you to enjoy anytime.

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The Nebula Fuzion has been designed to be discreet and give you complete temperature control. Get the best experience with your herbs and flowers.

When you buy a Nebula Fuzion today, you Get a FREE manual vaporizer worth £39.99 included in your order.

Key Features:-

  • Digital Screen – With the digital display you can start at 100°C and go all the way up to 230°C. Vaporize it all the way up.
  • Fast Heat Up – Just 30 seconds and you are ready to go whichever temperature you set it to.
  • Simple Operation – The mouthpiece fits magnetically, 5 quick presses of the power button to turn on, set the temperature and hold the power button down…. Time to enjoy!
  • USB Charging – Up to 10 sessions per charge and can easily be plugged in and charged anywhere via USB.


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Customer Reviews

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DEAN mccaffery
Nebula fantastic

i would recommend this to any one give your lungs a rest and increase yout hit time.

Great product

Great little machine, easy to use, I'm grateful to my friends who introduced me to the Nebula Fuzion.



Nebula Fuzion

Great vape, easy to use, decent battery life and overall a good design. I'd say it's the best vape in it's price range. I'm very happy with it.

Outstanding Product.

Amazing little vape.

- Fast to heat
- Perfect single session bowl size
- Uses material efficently and draws out everything
- Compact and discreed, looks like a normal vape box without a tank, or a large lighter.
- Easy to clean, just 1 mouth piece that seperates into 4 bits to submerge in ISO
- Affordable!
- Acceptable Battery

- Gets gunked up fast and the mouthpiece then doesn't stay folded out without holding it in place.
- No replacement mouthpeices available.
- No extra gages or gaurds provided