Nebula X (Ten)


The Nebula X  has been designed to be portable, powerful and to give the best vaping experience. Using a hybrid heating chamber and an adjustable air flow the Nebula X was created to give you maximum control.

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The Nebula X Herb Vaporizer will efficiently accept and diffuse heat. The result is a bowl that evenly heats, maintains a precise temperature.

(When you buy a Nebula X today, you Get a FREE manual vaporizer worth £39.99 included in your order.)

Key Features:-

  • Convection Hybrid Heating – Using our uniquely designed heating chamber and precise temperature control, get the most stable and evenly heated bowl for the perfect vape every time.
  • Removable battery – No more running out of charge, with the ability to change batteries, never get caught out when needing a vape.
  • Adjustable airflow – Either leave open for a cool or close for a thicker vape, the choice is yours.
  • One touch control – Start heating with just one button on the OLED display. As soon as the light is green you will be ready to start vaping. Use our 3 tier grinder to grind straight into the device.
  • Perfect for dry leaf or concentrates – Stainless steel mesh pads are included so you can enjoy concentrates also.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
thomas macfarlane
Great machine

Works great and fast delivery

Francois Huet
Reliable and good quality product

I used the Nebula X for about 2 year in a quite intensive daily use : 100% satisaction
Just ordered the Titan

Ben Carr
Top product

Very pleased - quality and ease of use !

Alex Lacey
Great customer care and service

I have owned the nebula for a couple of years now and recently purchased another. It works great and I really enjoy its functions. After my recent purchase I found I minor fault with the air flow flap which didn't really affect the usability but it wasn't quite right. After contacting them about it I had a speedy response and they arranged a unit exchange for another new one which I received within a couple of days. I cannot fault the service and customer care provided. I'd not only recommend then for their great product but for their A* service too.

Gabriel Avalon
Simply the best

I have now owned the Nebula X for a couple of months and can report that this is the best dry herb vape I have ever used bar none. Good points.
1. It is reliable
2. It has a really good airflow
3. It uses an 18650 battery. So with a few spares you never run out.
4. The dedicated Grinder is amazing.
5. Spares are easy to get and very well prIced.
6. The air cooler built in bleeps the airflow cool.
7. Good purchase price
8. UK customer service that is excellent.
9. Unit is descrete. Beeps can be disabled
10.I have not smoked herb once since getting it.
Not so good points
1. The little green tamping tool is easy to loose when tipping out your AVB