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The Nebula X  has been designed to be portable, powerful and to give the best vaping experience. Using a hybrid heating chamber and an adjustable air flow the Nebula X was created to give you maximum control.

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The Nebula X Herb Vaporizer will efficiently accept and diffuse heat. The result is a bowl that evenly heats, maintains a precise temperature.

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Key Features:-

  • Convection Hybrid Heating – Using our uniquely designed heating chamber and precise temperature control, get the most stable and evenly heated bowl for the perfect vape every time.
  • Removable battery – No more running out of charge, with the ability to change batteries, never get caught out when needing a vape.
  • Adjustable airflow – Either leave open for a cool or close for a thicker vape, the choice is yours.
  • One touch control – Start heating with just one button on the OLED display. As soon as the light is green you will be ready to start vaping. Use our 3 tier grinder to grind straight into the device.
  • Perfect for dry leaf or concentrates – Stainless steel mesh pads are included so you can enjoy concentrates also.
  • (Discreet Packaging)


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Customer Reviews

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Edward Donoghue
Amazing little Machine

For the price of the item I cannot fault it if there As this smoke the plume the plume and the hit its perfect for nowbies and the Connor sure the battery ok but really good as you can change it when your having a session as the battery gives you about 7 to 10 hits but on the good side I love this little one as I do own 2 very expensive Machines one at 279.99 and the other one was 579.00 but I find my self going back to my little one As it's really good and flavour and hit thanks againg And I would say to anyone if you want to try a herbal vaporise IA herbal vaporizer for the 1st time or just time to just get one more for your collection go for it you won't be disappointed...

Florence Godart

Not received yet. Still waiting for my order. Les délais de livraison ne sont pas respectés !!!

Ian Shaw
Expected more

Can't really find any difference from much cheaper models I've bought. The airflow switch feels like it could snap off at any moment. Works fine- ish. Expected a little bit extra.

Mari Stewart
Love it

This is my updated one. The 1st one was nebula 1 it had a bigger chamber but didn't have a rechargeable battery so it died after 6 months of continuous use. This one has rechargeable battery and the chamber is a lot smaller but it produces a lovely smoke. It's good value for money. It came in good time. The box is beautiful but you need to go online to get the full instructions. I got a free manual burner and grinder with it. Thank you

Nebula X

This is my third nebula vape..I started with the cheapest which was good but a bit fiddly ,then I bought the top vape which is absolutely superb,so good my wife wouldn't share so I decided to buy another one I went for the X just to be different really and the fact I could buy a battery for it if it wanted.. I think it's great and it suits me just fine .. obviously my wife ain't a fan lol...💪🏾💪🏾👌👌🤘