Nebula X (Ten)


The Nebula X  has been designed to be portable, powerful and to give the best vaping experience. Using a hybrid heating chamber and an adjustable air flow the Nebula X was created to give you maximum control.

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The Nebula X Herb Vaporizer will efficiently accept and diffuse heat. The result is a bowl that evenly heats, maintains a precise temperature.

(When you buy a Nebula X today, you Get a FREE manual vaporizer worth £39.99 included in your order.)

Key Features:-

  • Convection Hybrid Heating – Using our uniquely designed heating chamber and precise temperature control, get the most stable and evenly heated bowl for the perfect vape every time.
  • Removable battery – No more running out of charge, with the ability to change batteries, never get caught out when needing a vape.
  • Adjustable airflow – Either leave open for a cool or close for a thicker vape, the choice is yours.
  • One touch control – Start heating with just one button on the OLED display. As soon as the light is green you will be ready to start vaping. Use our 3 tier grinder to grind straight into the device.
  • Perfect for dry leaf or concentrates – Stainless steel mesh pads are included so you can enjoy concentrates also.
  • (Discreet Packaging)


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Customer Reviews

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Andy H
So far, so good

Great dry herb vape if you're on a budget

not bad

a decent vape for the money

As good as the Mighty, in some cases better

The Nebula X gives the same incredible flavor as the original mighty as well as the amount of vapor production if that's how you like to vape, the chamber is made of the same material and as far as I know the body is too. A plastic which makes the device a lot lighter than you would expect, even with a battery in. The battery being replaceable means that in the years ahead the Nebula will still be useable where the mighty will require some expertise to get working again. The herb is cooked evenly and there is no burn whatsoever.

I love the fact that when the mouthpiece is folded down there is no gap to the chamber, you can adjust this easily with a screw which allows you to remove it for cleaning, meaning there is practically no smell unless you put your nose right to it, that way I can enjoy a couple of draws then turn it off rather than have it diffusing without me using it. The advantage to this device is that you don't have to smoke the whole thing once it's lit, like you would a joint.

There is a light on the front to indicate when it is heating and when it's ready to vape which is also accompanied by three beeps. I love this feature. I also have an air 2 which beeps when powered on and off but that's it. It's not a problem at all but I do like the audible and visual aids.

Another thing the Mighty lacks which the Nebula X has is the adjustable airflow. The Nebula has two settings, for me the tighter option is perfect. The switch fits aesthetically into the body design in each setting which is satisfying to see. The tighter option is around the same as the Mighty airflow.

The Nebula stands up when set down which the original Mighty doesn't without an extra stand and I love the way it looks. It's an all round great vape which won't set you back £2-300. Nebula are kind enough to include a manual vaporizer which is much like the Dynavap M, saving you another £60, for free with the Nebula X. An unbelievable deal for an unbelievable vape.

thomas macfarlane
Great machine

Works great and fast delivery

Francois Huet
Reliable and good quality product

I used the Nebula X for about 2 year in a quite intensive daily use : 100% satisaction
Just ordered the Titan