Nebula Boost Decarboxylator & Infuser (Includes Infuser Sleeve)


Nebula Boost Decarboxylator & Infuser – For Herb Activation & Infusion of Butter & Oils. Simple Operation, Includes Mess Free Container & Updated Lid Design

Product Details:

  • One-Button Decarboxylator Machine
  • Provides Full Flower, Kief, and Concentrate Activation
  • Infuses Butters, Oils, Topicals, Orals, and Sublinguals
  • Less Odour and Mess-Free Container
  • Compact and Portable Unit (7.5” x 4”)
  • Holds up to 1-oz. of Flower or 5-ozs. of Kief
  • Includes Easy to Follow Manual.

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Take a More Active Approach to Decarboxylation with a Nebula Boost Decarboxylator with Temperature Control
When you’re stuck using outdated decarboxylation methods it can lead to poorly crafted herbal botanicals that are weaker and less effective, or simply not up to your standards. That’s why we created the Nebula Boost Decarboxylator that lets you customize time and temperature for perfect activation every time. No extra monitoring. No extra preparation. Just higher-quality results with improved control thanks to automatic sensors and a thermal coating that work together to provide improved efficiency and precision from start to finish. A simple, effective, and fun way to boost and customize edibles, topicals, or even suppositories this decarboxylator is made for modern herb crafters.

INCREASE POTENCY AND PURITY WITH UPDATED LID DESIGN – A smart, effective way to accurately add potency to your herbs or oils this decarboxylator helps to improve the strength, taste, quality, and overall effectiveness of your botanicals.
SIMPLE ONE-BUTTON OPERATION – Our decarboxylator herbal infuser features an easy-to-manage push-button system that lets you turn it on, optimize settings, and get it started without complicated or confusing processes.
OPTIMAL BOTANICAL FORMULATION – The Nebula Decarboxylator lets you customize time and temperature when infusing herbs and botanicals to provide enhanced control and regulation throughout the entire cycle.
STREAMLINED AND EFFICIENT DESIGN – Unlike oven temperatures that can vary and lead to wasted or “weak” botanicals our smart decarboxylator system ensures more precise temperatures to retain valuable nutrients.
EXPANDED HERBAL PROCESSING – This decarboxylator container can be used to create a diverse selection of botanical options including lotions, oils, capsules, sublinguals, and other dishes.
Includes Nebula Boost Infusion Sleeve

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