Nebula Titan Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Nebula Titan is the ultimate in Dry Herb Vaping. Just switch on, set your temperature and let the vape do the rest. With a clear TFT screen and pure glass mouthpiece this will be the cleanest vaping experience ever.

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– Ultra fast heating time that raises the temperature from 0 to 230°C in under 35 seconds.

– Solid construction we have designed with a metal body made from zinc alloy for a premium feel.

– So simple to operate. Just three button presses to turn on, choose your temperature and let the vape do the rest.

– The Ceramic heating chambers is unreactive and regulates the correct temperature at all times resulting in the cleanest experience possible.

– With a specially designed glass mouthpiece, you will get a smoother and crisper tasting experience every single time.

– High quality TFT screen display which shows battery level and temperature settings. Watch your vape hit the temperature in seconds.

– Dual function you can vaporize dry herbs and concentrates using the mesh pads included.

– You don’t have to break a sweat in cleaning this vaporizer. With the included cleaning pick remove all debris and resin out with extreme ease.

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(When you buy any vape today, you Get a FREE manual vaporizer worth £39.99 included in your order.)


Nebula manual vape


Customer Reviews

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Had 2 faulty devices sent to me, never had a chance to use it. Felt like a good bit of kit from holding it. Awaiting a refund


Recently purchased this and it arrived faulty, nebula promptly acted and sent me another device which is also faulty! When discussing this with their team they offered me a 25% refund and to retain the faulty device which also went up to 50%. This is dragging on now and I am still out of pocket with 2 faulty devices.

Margot Richards
Poor performance, not for everyday smoker

Ive been a smoker for 25 years , and i swear this made me get my bong out again .....because this vape gets heavily clogged quickly, feels like i am sucking my cheeks through my teeth lol , had to buy another mouth piece as i thought it was maybe a dud mouth piece ...but nope ! I now take the plasic filter out and leave the metal piece in on its own now as it pulls better The battery life is diabolical, it dies in 30 mins , it over heats evey 10 mins , 200 is not a decent smoke , 230 is better , but have to be brutally honest, i feel like i wasted my time and money on this device , yeah it looks good ,yeah the glass pipe is nice ,yeah it gets to temp quickly , but it also turns off at 25 % battery and you have to let it cool completely before charging it . Really wish that i had not listened to the reviews on YouTube either as i bet they were paid to do them , but thats what i get for listening to a young smoker making vids for companies . Ive just bought another device from another company for £370 and i wish i got this first 🙃 shame that smokers made this device would think it be better 🤔

Mateusz Kosiak
Manual could be better.

The should be information how to replace filters etc... Otherwise great experience. Found website with cheaper replacements and products from Nebula.

rogers garey
Hitting all the right notes!!!

So far so good. The description of the vape and the customer feedback I read were spot on. Very happy. Good cloud, fast charging time, nice feel holding the unit. Very please and pricing compared to other vapes is great.